Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management 

Interventional Pain Management at Fayette Regional Spine and Joint Center uses special procedures to treat and manage pain. Patients that suffer from neck pain, stiffness in joints, back pain, and headaches might benefit from “Interventional” techniques could include an injection of anesthetic medicine or steroids around nerves, tendons, joints, or muscles; spinal cord stimulation; insertion of a drug delivery system; or a procedure with radio-frequency ablation or cryoablation to stop the nerve from working for a long period of time.

Interventional pain management procedures may help patients:

  • Reduce the amount of time pain is experienced and its severity
  • Allow for an increase in activities at home and work
  • Learn new skills for coping with pain
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for narcotic pain medication

For more information and to see if Pain Management is right for you call the Fayette Regional Spine and Joint Center as (765)825-4477