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Welcome to MetalQuest! MetalQuest has over 40 years experience in providing services for Medical, Commercial and Governmental Clients.  From record management to secure disposal to systems consulting, MetalQuest provides services that meet and exceed industry standards.

Radiology Record Services
Information Management Services
Destruction and Disposal Services
Consultation Services
Radiology Record Services Information Management Destruction & Disposal Consulting Services

MetalQuest provides a full range of Xray room Services, including triple-checked purging, file shifting and, most importantly, FREE storage at our location with full retrieval services, physical, digital, ROI.

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The move to digital medical records has never been easier! Metalquest offers digital scanning from paper, film, or microfilm and digital storage of all types, including our new off-site data backup system.

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Our new mail-back programs for sharps and lead apron disposal are just the beginning...from pill bottles to hard drives or imaging equipment, we can handle your secure disposal needs in full compliance.

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RIS database, Disaster Preparedness planning, file room can benefit from an experience set that spans 40 years. MetalQuest has the expertise you need to get it done.

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