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Addiction Treatment with Compassion & Care

Innovations in Addiction Treatment

Our team will guide you through a wellness continuum that will treat you preventatively and proactively based on your individual needs and experiences. We understand that addiction is a disease of the brain with treatment modalities by use of evidence-based practice models that are proven effective — with programs designed to engage you with the resources to set personal and professional goals essential to help you be successful in life.

North Star Adult Detox

Detoxification (detox) is the process in which a person who is dependent upon substances undergoes withdrawal from substance use. It is a medical protocol used during the acute withdrawal phase.

  • 46 Bed Unit
  • Males & Females Over 18 Years Old
  • Average Length of Stay, 5-8 Days

The medical professionals at North Star Recovery have the resources and experience to address and treat addiction and help you on the road to recovery.

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Whether you can contribute education, money, or volunteer, you can help North Star Recovery continue to offer hope to our patients and their families.  Find out how you can get involved and touch the lives of those in need contact the FRHS Foundation at 765-827-7798.