Fayette Regional helps local middle school swim team after bus accident

Sunman-Dearborn Middle School students display a banner they created to show their appreciation for the care their swim team received recently at Fayette Regional.

On Tuesday, September 19, a bus carrying 36 middle school swimmers from Sunman-Dearborn overturned on Gray Rd near the entrance to Connersville High School. Sixteen of the swimmers were transported to the Fayette Regional ER. We were able to witness firsthand many of our excellent FRHS team members from several different departments in action. Everyone worked together — some team members stayed past their scheduled shift, some came from other departments, and some even cameĀ back to help after already leaving to go home for the day.

The children were evaluated and treated in a professional and timely manner. The Sunman-Dearborn superintendent of schools, middle school principal, swim coach and parents were appreciative of the care the children received and the compassion shown to everyone while waiting and being treated.

It was extremely helpful that the children were very well behaved and cooperative. All of the FRHS team members were impressed. We are thankful that the injuries were not more severe than they were, and wish everyone a speedy recovery — physically and emotionally.

This unfortunate circumstance served as a reminder of how important our hospital is to this community.

AboveĀ is a photo of students holding a banner presented to Fayette Regional. ALL of the Sunman-Dearborn students signed it as a show of appreciation — such a kind gesture!