Current Projects

Emergency Room & Waiting Area Renovation:

We are excited to announce a new fund—The Emergency Room and Waiting Area Renovation– for our Annual Community Appeal this year and invite you as an individual, group, or business to consider a partnership with us.
This fund will go towards bringing our Emergency Room, which to many patients is the first experience with Fayette Regional Health System, up to date. The renovation will focus on improving the aspects most relevant to patient comfort, perception, and most of all well-being These updates will include:

• Nurse and control station redesign
• Physician office space relocation
• Expanding patient/family meeting area
• Cosmetic facelift for exam rooms
• Complete electrical and fixture upgrades
• New flooring
• Remodel of waiting area

As the community evolves around Fayette Regional Health System, so must we with the community. In taking these steps, Fayette Regional Health System will be able to continue in offering quality care to the surrounding community and remain a vital part of the Whitewater Valley.