Computed Tomography Technologist


  • Diagnostic Imaging

Work Hours

  • PRN


  • Technical

Job Summary

The Computed Tomography Technologist performs diagnostic imaging examinations on patients with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. All aspects of the Computed Tomography Technologist job description supports the FRHS mission, vision and values.


  • Education
    • Must be a graduate of an approved, 24-month program in Radiologic Technology accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) and the United States of Department of Education (USDOE).
    • Must complete or have completed, appropriate, documented education, training, and competency in Computed Tomography as required by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).
  • Certification and Registry
    • Certification and Registry by the ARRT in Radiography is required.
    • Registry eligible Technologists must attain Certification and Registry in Radiography within 90 days of employment.
    • Additional, advanced ARRT Certification in Computed Tomography is preferred.
    • Current BLS certification.
  • Licensure 
    • Must possess a Radiologic Technologist License issued by the Indiana State Department of Health.

Essential Functions

  • Corroborates patient’s clinical history with procedure; ensure information is documented and available for use by a licensed independent practitioner.
  • Prepare patients for procedures, providing instructions to obtain desired results, gain cooperation, and minimize anxiety.
  • Select and operate imaging equipment and associated accessories to successfully perform procedures.
  • Select appropriate anatomic program for the desired protocol.
  • Positon patient to best demonstrate anatomic area of interest, respecting patient ability and comfort.
  • Immobilize patients as required for appropriate examination.
  • Determine computed tomography technique exposure factors and apply radiation protection principles to minimize exposure to patient, self, and others.
  • Evaluate images for technical quality; manipulate display parameters, and provide hard copy and electronic records, ensuring proper identification is recorded.
  • Responsible for assigned area and reporting of equipment malfunction; contact appropriate service vendor when having errors and/or issues with any equipment.
  • Responsible for provision of the physical and psychological needs of patient during procedures.
  • Maintain archival storage of digitized data as appropriate.
  • Prepare, identify, and administer contrast media.
  • Obtain vital signs (pulse, respiration, and blood pressure) when needed.
  • Verify informed consent for, and assist a licensed independent practitioner with, interventional procedures.
  • Provide patient education; explain pre and post-procedural instructions to patient and/or patient’s family.
  • Provide practical instruction for students and/or healthcare professionals.
  • Participate in the department quality assessment and improvement plan.
  • Apply principles of patient safety during all procedures, including assisting/transporting patients.
  • Provide assistance to office staff with scheduling of exams, answering the phones, and any other office work that is needed
  • Make sure each radiology room is clean before bringing a patient into the room; clean daily and stock supplies.
  • Complete all paperwork in PACS, CPSI, etc.
  • All paperwork is correct and complete when submitting a PACS or CPSI correction to a PACS super user.
  • Supervise peers and/or students when applicable.
  • Start and maintain intravenous (IV) access per orders when applicable and with appropriate training and competency.
  • Clean rooms daily.
  • Wipe down equipment after use of each patient with a hospital approved germicide.


  • Days vary
  • Shifts vary
  • On-call
  • Holiday rotation