Nurse Supervisor


  • Fayette Regional Care Pavilion

Work Hours

  • 80 Hours
  • Full Time


  • Administrative / Clerical

Job Summary

The Nursing Supervisor will be responsible for hiring, training, supervising, and scheduling all nursing staff for the Care Pavilion as well as acting as the liaison between the Care Pavilion and the FRHS Nursing Team Leader.


  • Education:
    • Degree from an accredited school of nursing
  • Training and Experience:
    • Currently registration by the Board of Nursing.
    • Psychiatric experience required.
    • Experience with aggressive patient management, seclusion, restraint, suicide precaution, and chemical dependency detox.
    • A minimum of three (3) years experience in administrative or management roles in nursing.  Demonstrates administrative, executive, and leadership ability as a manager.
    • Possesses evidence of clinical and education knowledge and experience derived from the biological, natural, and behavioral sciences and related areas to administration of all nursing services.             

Essential Functions                          

  • Plans, coordinates, manages, supervises, and directs the nursing department at FRCP as well as the clinical practice of nursing.
  • Provides leadership that results in efficient, productive, and cost effective patient care.
  • Ensures the implementation and evaluation of policies, programs, and services consistent with the vision, mission, and philosophy of FRCP and the hospital.
  • Establishes productive working relationships with the medical staff and ancillary hospital departments.
  • Participates as an active member on the FRCP Leadership, Safety, Quality, and Program Committees.
  • Coordinates monthly scheduling and all ETO for nursing staff.
  • Insures staff compliance with all policies, procedures, and training requirements for their positions.
  • Complete all relevant documentation for staff, including performance appraisals and disciplinary actions.
  • Supports FRCP in reaching its goals and objectives.


  • Salaried
  • Monday-Friday
  • 8:00 am-4:00 pm