Emergency Care

The Emergency Department of Fayette Regional Health System is available 24 hours per day for patients in need of immediate medical attention. FRHS emergency team of professionals cares for both the critically ill and seriously injured patients using state-of-the-art equipment, on-site laboratory facilities and diagnostic imaging services. The use of air ambulance service is utilized when necessary to transport patients.

Our Emergency Department is staffed with qualified physicians and nurses to provide a quick and accurate assessment and/or diagnosis. Fayette Regional Health System is here to serve not only the needs of the patient, but to aid the families by answering questions and developing coping skills that are essential with injury or illness.

Prior to being treated in the Emergency Department, registration and “triage” are required. Triage is the process of evaluation by a team member which helps determine the condition of each patient. Patients are treated in order of severity.

When a patient leaves the FRHS Emergency Department, he/she is given instructions on how to continue to care for his/her condition. Patients are also instructed to arrange for follow-up appointments as directed in our discharge policy.

For more information or to contact our Emergency Department, call 765-827-7790.