The Zumba slogan is “Ditch the workout and join the party.” Using music, moves, and rhythms, Zumba offers all participants, from novice to advanced, a rewarding cardio workout that is bound to bring a smile along with improved endurance and strength, improved cardiovascular and mental health, improved muscle tone, flexibility, and balance, etc.

Indoor Cycling (Spinning®)

Indoor cycling allows participants to work at their own pace and resistance on a stationary bike to provide a great cardio and leg workout while listening to music. The class takes place in a dimly-lit room under. The class is not a competition among participants.

Dance Fusion

From disco to hip hop, this class combines lots of unique moves and rhythms to keep the heart rate up and the smiles flowing.This class allows participants to add their own style and creativity to the routines,allowing people to cut loose and laugh while they exercise.

Boot Camp

Challenge yourself through drills and skills. From push ups and squats to fast feet and power jacks,this class helps participants elevate their heart rate and allow it to drop before pushing it up again. This class is great for the advanced, but modifications are shown for all fitness levels.

Total Conditioning

Similar to boot camp with a little less cardio interval training and a touch more strength. Designed to work the entire body in one hour, using the participants” own body weight along with tools like weights, resistance tubes, medicine balls, etc.

Hard Core

A strong core equals power and stability. This class has participants use their own body weight along with medicine balls, weights, Frisbees, etc. to work all layers of the abdominals in a safe, effective 30-minute workout.