The FRHS Hospice program provides physical, spiritual, emotional, and bereavement care for the terminally ill and their families. Our mission is to enable our patients to preserve their human dignity and enrich their quality of life with the help of Premier Hospice.

Our team includes many key professionals who provide medical care, spiritual counseling, therapy and education. In addition, the FRHS Hospice program offers grief support services to the family and friends of hospice patients before, at the time of, and for twelve months following the patient’s death.

Hospice care is often reimbursable under Medicare, private insurance, Medicaid, private payments and other financial arrangements. However, regardless of ability to pay, hospice services are provided equally to all to the extent possible based on existing resources.

Hospice affirms life.

Hospice exists to provide support and care for persons in the last phases of a life-limiting illness so that they may live as fully and comfortably as possible.

Hospice exists in the belief that through appropriate care and the promotion of a caring community, patients and families/caregivers will be free to attain a degree of mental preparation for death that is satisfying to them.

Many families and friends wish to make memorial contributions to our program. These contributions help us continue to provide quality care to those in need.

For more information, please contact us at 765-825-0046 or 1-800-496-4968.