Early Detection Saved My Life

Trish Smith

Trish Smith came to Fayette Regional for a mammogram, and the early stages of breast cancer were discovered and treated in time.

During a self examination I found a lump on my breast, so I scheduled a mammogram at Fayette Regional. The technician was wonderful. They had a physician on site who was able to review my results right then. They saw something that didn't look right so they immediately called for an ultrasound. The ultrasound also did not look good so a biopsy was taken, confirming I had early stage breast cancer. I went on chemo therapy at the Fayette Regional Cancer Center What I liked was the individual treatment here--they even allowed my family to come sit with me. You don't feel well after chemo treatment, but I was glad to be able to do it here in Connersville because I could be in my home just 5 minutes later rather than have to endure a long ride.